Ribbon-Cutting, Ice-Breaking, & Other Disruptive Activities

As everything must start with something, every blog must have a first post, whether the author has any aptitude for introductions or not.

Of course, I’ll have some content coming up soon enough – some actual content, which in the context of this site means book reviews. But before getting there, let’s take a sneak peak to some of my plans – all either recent or upcoming reads of mine.

The image features an arrangement of the following books: “An Unkindness Of Ghosts” by Rivers Solomon; “Black Leopard Red Wolf” and “Moon Witch Spider King” by Marlon James; “A Memory Called Empire” by Arkady Martine; “Brown Girl In The Ring” by Nalo Hopkinson; “Tigana” by Guy Gavriel Kay; “Ancillary Justice”, “Ancillary Sword” and “Ancillary Mercy” by Ann Leckie; “Annihilation”, “Authority” and “Acceptance” by Jeff VanderMeer

Now it’s time for me to go, lest I indulge in even more inane and regrettable rambling. I’ll be back when I have actually something to talk about.

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