The Horror! The Horror! – Creepy Reads For October

The skies grow darker, Halloween is in the air – time to focus on the creepy side of my TBR. I am talking about horror stories, or books that anyway feature some scary, disturbing theme. Here’s a very quick list of what I have in mind. Of course reviews will follow in due time.

Nothing But Blackened Teeth – by Cassandra Khaw – A ghost story set in a haunted Heian-era mansion, where Japanese folklore meets a thicket of personal grudges.

Manhunt – by Gretchen Felker-Martin – A post-apocalyptic splatterpunk novel set in a world where people with high testosterone are turned into rabid zombies; playing on the tropes of gender apocalypse from the usually neglected perspective of trans people.

Mexican Gothic – by Silvia Moreno-Garcia – A gothic horror novel about a young woman investigating her cousin’s call for help in a distant house in the Mexican countryside.

Southern Reach Trilogy (Annihilation – Authority – Acceptance) – by Jeff VanderMeer – A weird fiction series centred on the mysteries that surround “Area X”, an abandoned location that has been sealed off from the rest of the world.

So far I have read the first one (it was a short one indeed), and I have started the second as an audiobook. About the others, I only have vague information since I am trying to avoid spoilers. I’ll keep you updated!

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