Category: Fantasy

  • The World We Make – by N.K. Jemisin

    Just as planned! Soon after publishing my post about The City We Became, I got my copy of The World We Make and proceeded to read it with voracious excitement. Did it satisfy all my hopes, curiosities, cravings? We’ll talk about it in a second, although my unrestained enthusiasm is probably a spoiler in itself.

  • The City We Became – by N.K. Jemisin

    I first read The City We Became one year ago. Nor really surprisingly, I loved it: even though on surface the topic didn’t look like something I would normally enjoy, and even if some elements indeed elicited my irresistible desire to nitpick, Jemisin’s writing managed once again to carry me away, building a captivating story around an admittedly bizzare premise.

  • Silver In The Wood – by Emily Tesh

    Silver In The Wood was brought to my attention by a book club I had casually joined on Discord. A romantic fantasy with strong cottagecore vibes, I can’t say this book left me with any particularly strong impression, nevertheless I still enjoyed its fresh and simple escapism.

  • Babel – by R. F. Kuang

    Babel is one of those books that seem to be tailored to my personal likings. Language as a plot point? Check. Meaningful social commentary? Check. Well crafter worldbuilding, morally gray characters, dark academia that is dark in more than its aesthetic? Check, check, check. As soon as it was available, I had to get it […]

  • Two Truths And A Lie – by Sarah Pinsker

    Here’s something I stumbled upon while casually browsing for some shorter fiction to read in one sitting. It’s a surreal story that starts out like a more sophisticated creepypasta and, for a chilling second, makes you question you perception of reality.