Category: Other Fiction

  • Detransition, Baby – by Torrey Peters

    Ok, I was expecting this to be intense, but I wasn’t really prepared. It’s painful and spectacular, it’s the kind of book that hurts you in a good way.

  • Infinite Jest – by David Foster Wallace

    Okay, it’s done. After prolonged, albeit on and off, efforts that have accompanied my days since the beginning of the year, I have made it to the end of Infinite Jest. So, what am I doing now? Do I really want to write a review for a book to which countless scholarly articles are devoted? Of what it’s heralded as one of the most important works of the 20th century? Well, after labouring through more than a thousand pages, I think I’m at least entitled to share my very incomplete impressions.

  • The Vanishing Half – by Brit Bennett

    As a New Year’s resolution, I had promised myself to read at least some piece of non-speculative fiction; looking for some realistic book that featured interesting themes and that sounded overall inspiring, this is one of the first titles I added to my TBR.