Category: Science Fantasy

  • Provenance – by Ann Leckie

    After finishing the Imperial Radch trilogy, I had immediately added Provenance to my TBR, and recently I finally found myself in the right state of mind to read it. So, what is it about? How does it compare to the other books? But, most importantly, has it sated my nostalgia for Breq in any shape or form? Well, let’s see…

  • How Long ‘Til Black Future Month? – by N.K. Jemisin

    If you know me, odds are you know how much I love N.K. Jemisin: I have read and enjoyed all her novels and some of her shorter works, and whatever she publishes is on my auto-buy list. So, why hadn’t I read this specific book yet? Perhaps because, in general, I am not always the greatest fan of short story collections; I must say, however, that this one ended up being a very satisfying read. Not that I expected anything less.

  • Brown Girl In The Ring – by Nalo Hopkinson

    I must confess a pet peeve of mine – I can’t suffer when someone says that fantasy is “all the same” because it can’t help but repeat the same tired myths and tropes. I mean, if one’s knowledge is limited to a list of Tolkien knockoffs, maybe they shouldn’t speak for an entire genre that, […]