Category: Just Me Making Plans

  • What Am I Reading For Black Future Month?

    Not unexpectedly, this month my feeds are full of book tags, TBRs, reading advices that celebrate Black History Month. Now, while I have a year-round interest for diverse author, shouldn’t I take the chance to add even more books to my reading list? After all, I small for a reason – that is to say to keep on adding stuff. So let’s see what we have here…

  • New Year’s Resolutions; or, I Often Give Myself Very Good Advice

    New Year’s day sounds like a good time to make plans, and to update you all on my TBR for 2023.

  • The Horror! The Horror! – Creepy Reads For October

    The skies grow darker, Halloween is in the air – time to focus on the creepy side of my TBR. I am talking about horror stories, or books that anyway feature some scary, disturbing theme. Here’s a very quick list of what I have in mind. Of course reviews will follow in due time. Nothing […]

  • Ribbon-Cutting, Ice-Breaking, & Other Disruptive Activities

    As everything must start with something, every blog must have a first post, whether the author has any aptitude for introductions or not. Of course, I’ll have some content coming up soon enough – some actual content, which in the context of this site means book reviews. But before getting there, let’s take a sneak […]