Tag: Dark Star Trilogy

  • Moon Witch, Spider King – by Marlon James

    Moon Witch, Spider King is the second book of the same Dark Star series to witch Black Leopard, Red Wolf belongs. It is not, however, a direct continuation on the same plot, but a different perspective on the same world, and partly on the same events. Not unlike the previous novel, it is definitely a peculiar read, that relentlessly plays with the player’s discomfort.

  • Black Leopard, Red Wolf – by Marlon James

    Black Leopard, Red Wolf has been commonly advertised as “an African Game Of Thrones“. Now, the African setting is indisputable. As for the comparison with A Game Of Thrones – technically, I admit I can see some similarities, after all they both belong to the fantasy genre, both feature sex and violence, and, well, both are novels that belong to a series. Also, they both exist, right? But seriously, it takes very few seconds of reading to figure out the two works are very different in style, scope, target audience. Let’s see what we’re actually talking about.