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  • Summer Frost – by Blake Crouch

    Summer Frost is the last story I’ve read from the Forward series (coincidentally, I realised just now from goodreads that they were supposed to go in a different order… Not that it matters since they aren’t interconnected in any way). My other experiences with the series had been quite mixed, and I confess I only knew Blake Crouch by his reputation, so my expectations were once again very vague and open-ended. If last pick had been a major letdown, however, this time I was pleasantly surprised.

  • You Have Arrived At Your Destination – by Amor Towles

    Okay, time to talk about yet another short story from the Forward collection. Once again, I dove into it with no idea what to expect, and mainly because on my list of Things To Complete within the end of the year. So without any further ado, let’s talk about…

  • Ark – by Veronica Roth

    Here we go again, another story from the Forward collection – I mean, the end of the year is approaching and I must Finish Things Up, otherwise… nothing will happen, but still. Okay, so let’s talk about Ark by Veronica Roth, whose name of course I knew because who hasn’t heard about Divergent, but whose work I had never actually read before.

  • The Last Conversation – by Paul Tremblay

    As promised, here I am once again, commenting on another piece of the Forward collection – this time, The Last Conversation by Paul Tremblay. I picked it up randomly from the stories I had left, without any specific expectation either on its quality or vibe. So let’s talk about what I have found.

  • Randomize – by Andy Weir

    After reading Emergency Skin I decided to take a look to the other stories of the Forward series. I already knew Andy Weir for his deservedly popular The Martian, where he had managed to squeeze an engaging plot out of a manual on space survival – so, how well is he doing in this different format?

  • Emergency Skin – by N. K. Jemisin

    I make a point to read anything I can find by N. K. Jemisin, so here we go. Emergency Skin is a shorter piece of fiction and as such it lacks some of the depth and complexity one can find in more ponderous works, but it manages to pack a lot in its limited space. […]