Breaking the Ribbon, Cutting the Ice

Let’s start with a mission statement of sorts – I mean, it does seem fitting for a first introductory post. So, why does this blog even exist? What am I doing here? What am I planning to do from now on?

Now, I could just say, “talking about books” – which would be both an entirely correct answer, and exceedingly concise one. In more articulate terms, my main reason for starting a blog is having a place to share my thoughts on whatever I read, possibly in a somehow orderly fashion: because, while of course I do enjoy diving into a good novel in its own right, I draw almost as much pleasure from (over)analysing whatever I read.

As for what I’m planning to read, well, I do have a fairly extensive TBR – both in my mind and in my personal notes – however, for the sake of whatever is left of my sanity, I am refraining for sharing it, or anyway treating it as a defined plan: I know myself a bit, and while I love making list (I mean, isn’t it marvellous?), I am not always equally happy to follow them through – what if something else strikes my fancy? What if I change my mind, after having made such a public commitment to all my (likely imaginary) readers? So, let’s keep things easy and open-ended.

…but now I’ve run out of vague and meandering statements, so I’ll be back once I’ve got some actual book to review.


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